Makeup for Theatre

I was asked to do the make up for the 2014 Platinum Performing Arts panto, Shrekettes in Wonderland.  This was an amazing thing to do and a lot of fun!

It was very interesting to use my face painting skills to paint theatre makeup.  At the beginning we were using lots of details as we normally would but you can’t see any of this from the audience.  What the audience can see are clear shapes and lots of glitter!  So I  adapted my designs throughout the run checking each performance to see what I can improve for the next make up session and now, I definitely have it sussed!
Apart from the variety of glitter and gems we used to enhance our face arts I also used ultra violet paints.  In the lighting rig there were several UV lights at the front so I  included a little bit of UV paint with each piece so it glowed (not crazy raving type UV paint with unclean lines slapped on any-old-how) Just a sheen of  UV white added to the Mad Hatter’s face or a little bit of orange to enhance his eyes and to the faces of the flowers really maked the face ‘pop’ on stage.

Platinum Performing Arts are big fans of fake lashes!  This is no secret and I have never seen so many lashes and so many people applying lashes and so much eyelash glue in one room at one time ever before LOL,  these people love lashes! As the show went we  found ourselves adding extra gems and sequins on to the tips of the lashes just for that extra sparkle and extra extra sparkle.
The show itself was absolutely amazing and I am completely honoured to be part of the performance.  Whenever I see one of Platinum’s performances or pantos rather (as these are the shows I am usually involved in)  I am always amazed at how seamless, big and bling they are.  The audiences go wild and he combination of big costumes, big characters, colourful sets and buckets of glitter really compliment the street dance style that Platinum nail so beautifully.

You can see the pictures from this pantomime here and roll on next year!!