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Beautiful Face Art







What I love about painting people is the way they feel when they see themselves. I put on some music or like today, we listened to Women’s Hour on BBC 4.  Cher said I could paint whatever I wanted and I’m so into birds at the moment, so we looked at some Japanese illustrations for patterns and incorporated this into the design.

Cher is a dear friend and we chatted for an hour or so as I painted, I was so excited to try the Kryolan Micro Flakes that really are a pleasure to paint with and the way they catch the light is very dramatic, completely different to any product I have used before.


Competition Winner UV Painting!!

WINNER of UV Painting Competition!

Dear Tropical Birdies,

What wonderful news I have to tell you all –  I recently won a very prestigious competition!

Paintopia and Cameleon Paints started a new Facebook page and filled it with face and body painters from around the world. Together they are wonderful at inspiring and supporting face and body artists worldwide.

I noticed they were running a competition in all things Ultra Violet face and body painting and my mind drifted back to one magical night at The Royal Academy of Arts where I did a piece of performance art in one of the beautiful rooms at Burlington House during one of their RALates events.  These events are so lavish and I was honoured to be asked to create a live body paint in UV paint as a public performance.

I spent the weeks leading up to this event in the workshop at the bottom of my garden making costume accessories to accompany my design. I like to change the silhouette of the human form, making the final vision bigger and more flamboyant.

When we arrived on this special evening at The Royal Academy of Arts, we walked up the famous steps and round the corner into the room we would settle to paint.  I gasped when I saw the most opulent flower arrangements that sat either side of my performance space. They were very tall, very wide and filled with delphiniums.

My model, Tatiana Moressoni changed into her costume accessories and we set about taking our place between the delphiniums.  My assistants shone powerful UV torches on Tatiana as I painted this wildly bold design.

Well, I had the most amazing evening.  As we painted, guests watched the artwork unfold.  People stayed, asked questions and drifted in and out as they enjoyed all the activities laid on at this RA Late.  You can see more pictures from the evening on this Flickr page.

Are you a face or body painter and are wondering which UV paints to use? If so, I can wholly recommend Cameleon UV paints and you can buy them here.

Happy Painting!

Bodypainting at The RA Circus

Carla Carnival Body Paint

This is the first time I was asked to perform a live body paint at a Lates event for the Royal Academy of Arts in 2016.

The theme was ‘Dark Circus’

This is quite a spectacle. Carla is painted by Caroline as people drift around The RA enjoying the exhibitions, cocktails and activities laid on.  Guests are able to see the process from first brush stroke to finished piece.

When the creation is finished, Caroline and Carla take some time to  enjoy walking around to take selfies and talk to about the work.

All costume and accessories made by Caroline.  Here is a link to the Etsy page

This was the event on The Royal Academy of Art’s page, check it out!

This is my facebook page with more photos.


Makeup for Theatre

I was asked to do the make up for the 2014 Platinum Performing Arts panto, Shrekettes in Wonderland.  This was an amazing thing to do and a lot of fun!

It was very interesting to use my face painting skills to paint theatre makeup.  At the beginning we were using lots of details as we normally would but you can’t see any of this from the audience.  What the audience can see are clear shapes and lots of glitter!  So I  adapted my designs throughout the run checking each performance to see what I can improve for the next make up session and now, I definitely have it sussed!
Apart from the variety of glitter and gems we used to enhance our face arts I also used ultra violet paints.  In the lighting rig there were several UV lights at the front so I  included a little bit of UV paint with each piece so it glowed (not crazy raving type UV paint with unclean lines slapped on any-old-how) Just a sheen of  UV white added to the Mad Hatter’s face or a little bit of orange to enhance his eyes and to the faces of the flowers really maked the face ‘pop’ on stage.

Platinum Performing Arts are big fans of fake lashes!  This is no secret and I have never seen so many lashes and so many people applying lashes and so much eyelash glue in one room at one time ever before LOL,  these people love lashes! As the show went we  found ourselves adding extra gems and sequins on to the tips of the lashes just for that extra sparkle and extra extra sparkle.
The show itself was absolutely amazing and I am completely honoured to be part of the performance.  Whenever I see one of Platinum’s performances or pantos rather (as these are the shows I am usually involved in)  I am always amazed at how seamless, big and bling they are.  The audiences go wild and he combination of big costumes, big characters, colourful sets and buckets of glitter really compliment the street dance style that Platinum nail so beautifully.

You can see the pictures from this pantomime here and roll on next year!!

Bridal Henna

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to my Bridal Mehndi section.

I have been hennaing since 1999 and I am deeply passionate about this art form.   I am an internationally renowned artist revered for my intricate, floral and striking designs.

When you are deciding what patterns or style to adorn your hands for your wedding this chart can help to think about how far you would like the designs to go.  1799200_10152269548935560_1574833697_o

I like to do a Bridal Consultation where we can discuss  your artwork and a package to suit you.  I can provide more artists if needed for the Mehndi or Sangeet party.

My henna is completely natural with beautiful oils I have sourced myself and are of top quality.  The henna stains beautifully and will last for a long time.

Please take some time to look here and here at design ideas and contact me through the contact section so we can get the ball rolling!


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Headdress Workshop

Wild Bird Gaia HeaddressI met a lovely lady called Katja today from St. Albans, a fellow face and body painter and she came to my house to spend the day making a headdress for herself to use for her body paints.  This is a workshop that I run from time to time, usually 121 so we have enough space.

There are a huge amount of materials in my workshop, most have a story behind them.  Katja wanted to make a very big piece with natural items, she reminisced walking along Suffolk beaches picking driftwood with her husband.  Three drawers are labelled broken jewellery and under a pile of jewels, she found a gorgeous centre piece to use to set off the sisal base, rooster feathers, twisted willow and grape vine.

I know how to make pretty much anything, I really enjoy discovering what people want to make and helping the student manifest what they already have inside.

The pictures are here hope you like them!