About Tropicalbird

Tropical Bird is owned and run by highly creative and artistically skilled Caroline Young.

Caroline is a well known, accomplished artist respected for her unique style and friendliness! Henna was her first love, in 1998, Caroline discovered this ancient art, immediately fascinated by the nature of the product and ways to apply the intricate designs and she practised all over the country at festivals and on beach fronts during the long summer holidays of her Drama degree on South Wales.

At University Caroline began to explore her own artistry and began to create beautiful jewellery and light sculptures. Much later she found a job as a Product Development Manager for a new age jewellery company where she really nailed the ability to turn artistic ability into a business.

After being thrown in the deep end with a set of face paints and a face painting book at a school fete many years previous, in 2009 Caroline went professional with the face painting and has become well known both nationally and internationally. Her designs are stylish, artistic and unique and always up to date with new face and body painting products.

Caroline also makes and sells exquisite headdresses, fascinators, tiaras, costumes to sell as bespoke pieces at festivals, theatre companies, pantomime and dance troupes. Caroline creates these pieces from her workshop which is full of beautiful materials; wires, foils, beads, pearls, crystals, jewellery, buttons, everything you could imagine, this life is an all-encompassing mission to find and make exquisite things!