Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What products do you use?

For face painting we use  professional, hypoallergenic FDA approved paints like Grimas, Cameleon, Tag, DFX, Superstar and Kryolan

For the mehndi we use 100% natural henna powder with top of the range essential oils

2.  Can you do do a sensitivity test?

Yes, we can put a small amount of any product on the inner wrist and leave for 15 minutes to make sure it is okay to go ahead.

2.  Who can be painted or henna’d?

We can paint anyone over the age of 2-3 ( if they are enthused) and anyone that is free of any infectious  skin conditions, this protects everyone!

Henna is for children over 5 and this is mainly due to maturity and looking after the design while it is wet.

Some of the essential oils we use are not suitable for  expecting  mothers.