Headdress Workshop

Wild Bird Gaia HeaddressI met a lovely lady called Katja today from St. Albans, a fellow face and body painter and she came to my house to spend the day making a headdress for herself to use for her body paints.  This is a workshop that I run from time to time, usually 121 so we have enough space.

There are a huge amount of materials in my workshop, most have a story behind them.  Katja wanted to make a very big piece with natural items, she reminisced walking along Suffolk beaches picking driftwood with her husband.  Three drawers are labelled broken jewellery and under a pile of jewels, she found a gorgeous centre piece to use to set off the sisal base, rooster feathers, twisted willow and grape vine.

I know how to make pretty much anything, I really enjoy discovering what people want to make and helping the student manifest what they already have inside.

The pictures are here hope you like them!